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Life changing adaptations are completed

Works completed earlier this month on a large residential scheme in Coventry. 

The existing bungalow required some alterations to accommodate the needs of the owner’s son, who has cerebral palsy.  The main focus of the scheme was to provide a large, fully accessible bedroom and bathroom suite for the periods when their son was at home.  It was important to provide a balance of independence and security, so a hoist and track system which linked the bed to the bathroom was installed.  

The scheme also called for on-site carer's accommodation, so a separate extension provided a studio apartment complete with a kitchen and bathroom, and independent access for the carer.

This studio is linked to the accessible bedroom suite by a small corridor and provides round the clock accommodation for the carer.

It was important to remember that although the purpose of the scheme was the provide adaptations to support the owner's son's changing needs, it is also a family home.  

The design added an extension which provided additional living accommodation and a new utility room.  We supported the clients in the design of a new kitchen and staircase.

The bungalow has been transformed and now provides our clients with everything they need to support their son, and a family home that they are proud of.  We have been retained to provide further support for a new garage and vestibule and hope to be on-site shortly. 


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