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RIBA competition - Wellbeing and Nature Centre

Earlier in the year, Kent Wildlife Trust sought designs for a new visitor centre in Sevenoaks as part of an RIBA competition. The aim is to create a Nature and Wellbeing Centre which will be the first of its kind in the country dedicated to connecting people and nature in ways that demonstrate positive benefits for both people and wildlife.

The concept behind AHP's design was to use the existing pathways through the site as boundaries for the built form of the centre. These pathways allow for a gently curving building that addresses the lake to the north while also welcoming in visitors from the south.  The building is in two parts with an oversailing roof to provide a covered terrace area. Upon arrival visitors get an impressive view of the lake through the terrace. The café opens out onto the terrace and walkway with other main functions also having views over the lake.

Sadly, AHP's designs were not shortlisted in the final 4, but as the site is only 1 mile from our head office, we are keen to see how the competition develops and look forward to the resulting scheme. For more information, click here.


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