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Bellway Homes plans for 138 homes approved!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

AHP are currently working with existing client Bellway Homes on an exciting new scheme to deliver

138 new homes at their Alkerden site in Ebbsfleet which is to be rebranded as “Castle Grange”.

Bellway has recently been granted planning approval for 138 apartments complete with under-croft

parking and landscaping with work due to commence on site spring 2022.

Bellway proposed homes

The scheme will be made up of more than 30% affordable housing, available to residents through rent or shared ownership. The plans include landscaped areas with outdoor seating, a children’s play area and a balcony (or private terrace) allocated to each home.

The new homes are being built in a highly sustainable location with Fast track transport links allowing residents to live comfortably without owing a car. However, for those who do own a car, electric vehicle charging facilities will be provided to encourage more environmentally friendly travel.

AHP have been appointed to provide a full range of architectural services through to the completion of the project in 2023.


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