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fundraising 'peaks' at over £2000

6 of the AHP team took on the Three Peak Challenge last weekend.  Here is our story in pictures…….

Our journey began at Stanstead Airport on  Friday afternoon with a somewhat turbulent flight to Glasgow.  We were collected from the airport by BusyBus, a company who specialise in transporting the lunatics who embark on The Three Peaks and similar challenges. 

We would certainly recommend them to anyone thinking about taking it on, they were extremely professional, punctual and had excellent knowledge of the challenge.

This minibus was home for the next 24 hours.

3 hours later we arrived at our hostel for the night.  After pie and chips in the pub next door and a locally produced gin (rude not to) we bedded down for the night.

Following a high carb breakfast we headed out at 5am. It was raining. Alot.

Luckily the forecast of snow and 65mph winds was completely wrong and we made it to the summit in excellent time.  The descent did provide us with some breath taking views and even a couple of rainbows….

Back to the bus and on to Scafel Pike in the Lake District.  The drive provided what have to be some of the most stunning views that Britain has to offer.  The weather totally rebelled against the forecast and provided us with beautiful clear blue skies and mild temperatures.

We were so lucky to witness sunset whilst on this climb.  The scenery was incredible, and the stars that followed were unbelievably clear.  Due to an injury in the team, 4 of us returned to the bus after completing over two thirds of the hike, but Steven and Chad powered through and reached the summit in excellent time…..

Arriving at Snowdon at 2am and engaging our PMA for one last time, we began our journey on the Miners Track. The weather, which had been so kind to us in Scotland and England, by now had abandoned us in Wales and the rain and cold air did nothing for our positivity, but we battled on. 

Upon safety advice from our guide, we had to abandon our mission three quarters of the way through our ascent due to a dangerous waterfall, the result of the severe rain that the area had encountered.  Our human mountain goats Chad and Steven, however, threw caution to the wind and continued, reaching the summit well within 24 hours of beginning the challenge.  We are all so proud of them.  The picture isn’t awesome, but you can probably see more than Chad could at the time!

After being dropped off at Chester Station we filled ourselves up on a full English and caffeine and began our long journey home.

We would like the thank everyone who has supported The Anthony Nolan Trust through our JustGiving Page and for AHP for arranging this memorable experience.

Every penny raised goes straight to The Anthony Nolan Trust and it isn’t too late to donate if you would like to and haven’t already.

Thank you x


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