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Celebrating Women in Architecture 2024

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, AHP attended an event hosted by Birmingham Architectural Association to showcase and highlight women in architecture. The event, ‘Celebrating Women in Architecture’ was held in Birmingham symphony hall and had around 100 attendees.

The event celebrates International Women's Day, aiming to highlight the obstacles women encounter in architectural education and the profession. It seeks to dismantle industry stereotypes and promote inclusivity. This event facilitates women coming together to present their projects to local practices in Birmingham. Moreover, it educates younger students about the architectural projects commonly undertaken post-graduation. Insights from successful women in senior positions, sharing their career journeys and challenges, offer valuable advice to students and aspiring professionals.

Rameetha, a PHD student, delivered a presentation discussing how she is dedicated to incorporating feminist architecture into Bangladesh. She aims to achieve this by organizing workshops that empower women to acquire new skills and establish their own businesses. Rameetha has developed a comprehensive plan that includes growing spaces, workshop areas, and social areas, all designed to bring women together and foster mutual empowerment. Her project played a pivotal role in the event, as it revolves around women celebrating one another through their architectural endeavours.

Irina left, Anna middle, Sara right

Associate Director Anna Bebbington, Architectural Technician Irina Sharp and Part I Architectural Assistant Sara Anwar, represented AHP at the event. Showcasing a board dedicated to Lily Smith, an Architectural Technician at AHP.

Lily’s project board showcased a project she had worked on at Watford General Hospital for the Neonatal Care Unit. The project involved redecorating the ward throughout with clean, antimicrobial finishes to provide a sterile environment while simultaneously improving the aesthetic of the unit to create a lighter, more pleasant feel for the infant patients and parents. The brief was achieved by implementing a cleanable PVC cladding with a woodland theme throughout each nursery combining bright happy colours with wipeable surfaces.

Many thanks to Birmingham Architectural Association for putting on such an inspiring event. We are already looking forward to the next one!


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