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Designing the Future: AHP Challenge Year 11s at WMG Academy

AHP teamed up with RIBA Architecture Ambassadors to challenge the Year 11s at WMG Academy for Young Engineers Solihull, part of WMG Academy Trust, to a design and modelling challenge.

A team of students working on a task

Architectural Technician, Lily Smith and Part II Architectural Assistant, Daniel Kelsall represented AHP at the workshop. Lily and Dan enthusiastically led various creative and interactive activities, while also inspiring the students by sharing their journeys into the field of Architecture.

The workshop involved students forming groups and learning concepts from a community master plan. They then proceeded to create and showcase their ideas on revitalizing the local area. Following that, the students were given the task of constructing models based on their proposed designs.

Lily helping students with their project

The school’s Business Engagement and Destinations manager said:

"This was such a creative and engaging task, thank you so much to Daniel Kelsall and Lily Smith for inspiring our students and sharing your journeys into Architecture!"

Daniel said:

"Both Lily and I enjoyed teaching the children about both of our experiences of routes through into the Architecture profession. It was wonderful to see enthusiasm and drive from these creative young minds wanting to both learn and progress as we both have. Many of the students expressed a key desire to learn within the practice during their free time either via a work experience week, or day placement.”


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