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Wilson's School



Wallington, Southwark


Wilson’s school in Sutton had for some time been operating their music department out of a number of old temporary classrooms which were well past their best. The school also had several squash courts which had not been used for many years which were underutilised as storage areas.

A planning application for a replacement music department along with outline plans for the refurbishment of the disused squashed courts was granted and following this AHP were appointed to take the scheme from RIBA stages 3 to 7.

Upon reviewing the scheme, it was found that the design was deficient in a number of ways: there was insufficient escape provision and stair widths were too tight for general circulation. AHP were then given the task of amending the design to provide the necessary means of escape and stair widths and submit an amendment to the planning approval.

AHP worked closely with the school to provide the accommodation within the old squash courts which was most appropriate for their needs. Following the planning amendment and design of the refurbished squash courts AHP carried out the technical design of the new building and refurbishment of the squash courts to provide additional accommodation and changing areas.

While some of the work was carried out in the school holidays much of it needed to be done in term time which required working carefully with the contractor to minimise disruption to the school. This was successfully achieved, and the project was completed in late 2022.

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