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Frailty Unit



Harlow, Essex


A new Dementia Facility adjacent to and extending the Emergency Department.

£2.5million fit-out traditional contract with a 6-month construction phase.

The unit cares for elderly patients and works in partnership with Urgent and Emergency care teams to provide fast and comprehensive assessment and intervention.

The unit comprises of

• 9 assessment chair spaces and 9 overnight stay beds.
• Gym/Assessment Facility.
• Supporting Clinical space such as Examination Rooms.

As part of the business case, and with support of the wider health and social care system it was
identified a significant bed saving could be made through the appropriate management of their frail
and elderly patients, who are not always best served by a prolonged inpatient admission.

A key part of the unit is to extend the capacity of the team to be able to intervene with patients attending A&E and to provide alternative home/community-based care rather than inpatient care. In addition, a
targeted short stay admission area enables targeted inpatient interventions to be provided by the
appropriate clinicians to divert patients requiring admission

The Princess Alexandra NHS Trust



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