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West Middlesex Hospital - New Stroke Unit

Updated: Feb 2

AHP are working on a project with Logan Construction aimed at enhancing the built environment and introducing new services for the Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.

The project, valued at £3.4 million, will entail a range of alterations and modifications to the Marjory Warren Block located on the ground floor of West Middlesex University Hospital. One of the primary objectives of the project is to establish a state-of-the-art 24-bed stroke ward.

In addition to the stroke ward, the project will also involve the creation of ancillary accommodation and a rehabilitation room, enhancing the overall healthcare services available to patients. To accommodate these new facilities, the project will see the installation of modern mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and heating (MEPH) services and partitions and fixtures will be put in place.

These upgraded systems will ensure that the new area meets all of the modern technical requirements and is properly equipped to support the enhanced medical and wellness services provided to patients. The project has been underway since October, with the collaborative team actively working on-site to ensure a smooth and successful execution. The construction phase is expected to be completed by April.


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