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New MRI Scanner


NMUH, London


A new state-of-the-art MRI scanner has been introduced at North Middlesex University Hospital to address the patient

With the assistance of the Siemans Healthineers Magnetom Sola scanner, an additional 1,000
patients can now be scanned and diagnosed annually. This cutting-edge scanner offers enhanced
scanning speed and the ability to adapt to patients' breathing and movement, allowing up to three
extra patients to be seen each day.
Consequently, MRI scans at North Mid will be expedited, more precise, more comfortable, and more

The Sola scanner is part of a £2.5 million investment by the Trust, which also includes the
establishment of a new MRI suite that was officially inaugurated by North Mid's authorities.

The advanced technology integrated into the scanner offers several advantages, including the ability to capture
sharper, faster, more intricate, and multi-angled images

North Middlesex University Hospital



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