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a change of direction

13th december 2016

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Planning permission has been received this week for the conversion of Housing Pathways Trust’s office premises to a residential development of two, one bedroom flats and a one, two bedroom flat.

AHP were commissioned by the the Trust to design a new apartment building on their existing office premises located in Ealing, London.  The initial designs to convert the offices into a single dwelling house were approved in August.  However, the client concluded that the most appropriate use for the site would be to provide an apartment building rather than a single dwelling.

The trust is in the process of moving its office facilities to a larger building in Bowmans Close.  This will provide greater floor space and enable them to expand their support facilities to the community.

The plans will see the demolition of the existing office and the introduction of a new two storey clock containing three flats. This will also provide an opportunity to fulfil the client’s brief for a modern, contemporary building.

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